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There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of designing and building your own set of loudspeakers. Regardless of your budget,  this site will provide invaluable information for the amateur speaker designer who wants to build home speakers or a subwoofer enclosure for car audio. I have been designing and building speaker systems for home and auto for many years as a hobbyist, and hope that the information presented here will help anyone with similar interests. Here are some credits for references used in the site and the obligatory disclaimer.


1-11-03 This site has been archived.  I will leave it up indefinitely on this Tripod Domain so that it can continue to help those who are looking for DIY information.  Our forum is (and will remain) up and active forever.  Thanks to everyone who has visited this site and made it a success.  I will no longer be updating these pages.

2-7-02  The website has finally been transferred completely to the new domain, and the Tripod account is closed.   If there were any problems with links of downloads during this period, my apologies!  :)  If you find anything screwed up on the site, please send me an email detailing the problem.  I hope you enjoy the new add-free site.

1-31-02  Nightstormer Productions has it's own domain now.

9-1-01 The DIY Audio Corner hit 50,000 visitors in the last week of August.  Thanks to everyone for making this site a success!  :)  We now have some new moderators on the message board.   Congrats to both Jeff Bagby and Clayton Oxendine, these guys have been around for a long time here and on the Mad board.  We're happy to have them onboard.

6-18-01 Excellent new article submission "Loudspeaker Imaging Theorem" by Jeff Bagby.  You can catch Jeff in the forum here at the DIY Audio Corner.

11-10-00 WinISD Beta is in for review.  Great program, a must download.  Check it out!

10-21-00 The Forum is getting a huge amount of activity thanks to the return of some old friends, stop by for a quick chat and a hello if you have time.  They love to answer audio questions, so sock it to em!   :)

5-10-00 Mobile Design 1.2 is available!   This program is a much improved version of the original CAD Software, D/L it now after reading the review!

  • The Audio Glossary is a compilation of frequently used audio terms, with an emphasis on the different loudspeaker enclosure designs available for the DIY loudspeaker builder.
  • FAQ will attempt to address certain basic questions you may have concerning loudspeaker design and construction.
  • The Software section lists reviews of several shareware and freeware CAD programs to download to help you design that perfect enclosure you're about to build.
  • Useful Conversions and Formulas has some interesting stuff if you aren't afraid of a little math, so check it out.
  • The Audio Corner DIY Forum is a place to post your questions and answers concerning Loudspeaker and Subwoofer design, Car Audio, or anything else audio related.
  • Audio Articles and Technical has interesting articles written by electricians, engineers, and hobbyists just like yourself, as well as links to online audio resources and magazines.
  • Projects lists some of the best links to DIY projects on the web!  Please let me know if you find a broken link somewhere, so I can fix it.

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