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Loudspeaker Imaging Theoremnew.gif (147 bytes) - by Jeff Bagby.  Excellent insights into the often misunderstood aspects of loudspeaker imaging.  Very indepth and thorough - a definite must read!

Enclosure Dilemma: Ported vs. Sealed - by Cameron Noakes. This article attempts to briefly analyse the differences in sealed and ported enclosures.

Skin Effect - by Wim. A very technical article about skin effect, shielding, and high frequency loss in signal and speaker wires. Lots of diagrams and formulas for you engineers.

More articles will follow as I write or receive them. If you are interested in submitting an article for this site, contact me and let me know about your idea. Always looking for good information!

Article Links of Interest

Here is a list of random notes and articles available through a Yahoo search of Speaker Builder Magazine. You gotta dig some occasionally, but you might just uncover that diamond in the rough.  For a complete listing of Speaker Builder Magazine back issues that are still in print, browse through this list available from Audio Amatuer.

True Audio - tech section, with articles on loudspeaker building.

Audio Control's Tech Info - assortment of good articles and tech papers for both home and car audio.

Waynes World Articles - excellent articles for the car audio enthusiast.

Audio Review - has all kinds of information including audio news, an audio tech forum, open forum product review articles by enthusiasts and owners, and more!

Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity - "A Scholarly Journal Dedicated to the Enjoyment of Audio and Video Experiences," tons of great stuff including a DIY section!

Good Sound - a website dedicated to providing information about the best products for the budget audiophile.

Soundstage - is a good online audio magazine for the enthusiast.

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